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Shifter Extensions at Performance Accessories

When you are making your truck your own, the drive to customize your vehicle permeates just about every element of your truck.  From better motors with turbos or superchargers and cold air intakes right down to the dust caps on your big knobby tires.  Somewhere in between, the little details that personalize your driving experience start to come out.  Either based on necessity or on function, you are bound to find something that needs tweaking.  When it comes to switching out transmissions, you are going to want something better that gets the job done. 


This is why Performance Accessories brings you high quality Computer Numerical Control machined shifter extensions.  From a solid piece of metal, shifter extensions are created through materials removal processes, similar to 3D printing, in which parts are fabricated by the use of laser guided machining, cut to exact specifications.

What is a shifter extension?

A shifter extension is exactly what the name implies.  In order to create a better driving experience, stock shifters can be swapped out for longer shifters which give you better control and handling in technical situations.  Most stock vehicles are not built with grabbing gears in intense environments in mind.  Especially if you have upgraded your suspension there is a good chance that your transmission rides a little bit lower from the body, which puts the shifter knob lower than you probably feel comfortable with.  This is also common when upgrading from automatic to manual transmission.

What parts are used in the shifter extension?

Shaft/lever: This is the piece connecting the transmission linkage to the part that allows you to shift gears.

Knobs: Allow for comfortable handling and shifting.  Usually these include a shift pattern diagram for easy reference.  Not that you'll need that for long.

Boots/Covers: These seal up the gaps left after an install of a different transmission or a lowered transmission.  They keep your vehicle looking nice, and the dirt and mud outside where they belong.

Upgrade your truck shifter today!

We offer shifter extensions to fit your Ford or Dodge trucks.  Performance Accessories has been in business for over 30 years, bringing our customers 100% American designed and built parts and accessories from our Arizona location.  Contact us to upgrade your truck today!