Front & Rear Bumper Brackets

When it comes to off-roading, you might have some ideas as to what some key elements are to having a high-performance rig to tackle the great outdoors.  Whether it is an improved suspension, high-torque motor, lower gearing, or big knobby tires, one of the more unlikely candidates just happens to be something a lot of us overlook every day: your bumpers.  

In off-roading, bumpers aren't the same as stock or street vehicle bumpers.  A plastic bumper cover is quickly going to be turned into junk.  You need something hardy enough to withstand general impacts from trees, rocks, and other obstacles, as well as something hardy enough to not only support a winch but allow your vehicle to be pulled out of situations repeatedly by the bumper.

Performance Accessories offers bumper accessories to get your vehicle up to snuff when it comes to having an off-road capable bumper.  We supply bumper brackets and accessories for different vehicle models:  

  • Chevrolet

  • GMC

  • Toyota

  • Dodge

Our bumper brackets are designed to protect your vehicle from serious damage and increase strength of support, while improving the looks of your rig.  Each kit comes with all the parts you need as well as a detailed instruction guide on how to install.

Performance Accessories Guide for Choosing Bumper Brackets

You can install bumper brackets on the front or rear of your vehicle.  Performance accessories just bolt on to OEM parts already on your vehicle.  They can be welded on for greater strength and reliability. Our kits come with brackets, nuts and bolts, washers, and even zip ties to get the job done.  Our bumper brackets allow you to lift your bumper for higher clearance, which gives you the advantage in rough off-road terrain.

Improved bumpers will give you a better angle of attack when climbing hills or driving down onto flat ground from an angle without digging in.  With a beefier bumper, you can have the confidence you need to winch out or pull others out of trouble without fear of ripping the bumper off your vehicle.

Why Choose Bumper Brackets from Performance Accessories?

Performance Accessories has been providing quality off-road accessories to our customers for over 30 years. Built in the USA at our Arizona facility, our materials are tough enough to dominate trails and roads alike. Get started on your next trip with a Performance Accessories kit today.  Choose your vehicle on our website to get started!